Twitter Notes, but why?

Twitter just anounced a new longer format tweets notes are coming. No longer you will be bound at 280 characters.

Look at the screenshot I’ve attached. The user interface is so clean, so minimalistic, your eyes immediately focus on what really matters, no clutter, no multiple calls to action…. Just UX perfection.


If you’re thinking this is progress let me remind you:

  • Own your content, don’t let anyone own your work, your words.
  • Your platform, don’t let anyone control how others reach or find your content.
  • Privacy, don’t let your readers succumb to this hell whole of privacy issues when you read stuff on these platforms.

I’m repeating myself from 2017 when they announced threads.

There are so many things we could expand on these 3 bullet points. The tracking alone is baffling, the centralized nature of the content, the terms of service you’ll have to agree on to write here, the algorithmic feeds dictating how others will find your content, the (probably, not confirmed) lack of RSS feeds.

Twitter Notes are not blogs. If you want to write a blog there are many ways to own it, even self host it if you’re willing to.

Twitter Notes? I hate it, thanks.


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