Using certain acronyms at work makes you look lazy

Hands typing on a laptop

Whenever I see in our slack “LGTM” instead of “looks good to me”, it indicates me you’re lazy. Same thing for “ty” for “Thank you”. It takes my brain more time to process “LGTM” than if you write it fully.

You don’t want to type the whole sentence? Fine. Set yourself a keyboard autocomplete. MacOS has it built-in (called Text Replacements), I use a third-party app to expand lots of text (which saves me a lot of time allowing me to form complete sentences fast), but I don’t send them as if were writing an SMS back in the day.

I’m not opposed to other, more normalized, acronyms such as writing CEO or CTO. If you’re doing web development there are plenty, of course, it’s fine to write SEO and similar.

Maybe it’s just me… What’s your take?


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