Weeknote 19 (2023)


We have been enjoying this little place 10 minutes from home where tacos are cheap, as they should. I’ve been complaining for years that there are no fair-priced Mexican restaurants in Barcelona.
In most Mexican restaurants the food is not abundant and it’s quite simple. Like nachos, with cheese, some meat, and guacamole. It’s not hard. Yet, it’s super expensive.
Finally, this little place has appeared (location not to be revealed) and tacos are cheap (like 1€ or 1.5€). So we’ve been doing quick incursions maybe once a week 😁

📺 Korean Drama

I’ve been enjoying this Korean drama called Crash Course in Romance about a math teacher who’s as famous as a rock star. Unsure if a little over-exaggerated in South Korea studying beyond school like attending academies… seems to be expected. I talked with my friends at Korean Tapas and know all about the pressure students are under to get into a good university, to then get into a good company… It’s tough.

The show, it’s a comedy/drama (you know how these are), spins around this teacher and it’s entertaining. Each episode is very long, like 75 minutes so buckle up.

🎮 The new Zelda comes today but…

If you’re into Nintendo and gaming, well you sure know the highly awaited Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is being released today.

To prepare for it a colleague has forced me to acquire the Nintendo Switch Pro controller 😂 I did play Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the “joycons” the controllers from the Switch itself. Well, the pro controller certainly feels strong robust, and good to hold. So I’m looking forward to see how this changes the gameplay.

However… even if I did the pre-order back in February Amazon says delivery will be on the 23rd not the 12th (the day of the release) 😱 What’s more surprising is that if I buy another copy today it says it will be delivered on the 17th. What is going on here?

I contacted Amazon for an explanation and they could only say “high demand” and no solution.

What’s more infuriating is that my friend, who ordered the game later than me, already has it en route to his home. C’mon Amazon, not cool 🙁

I still have some faith that magically they’ll ship it tonight 🤞 It has happened before that deliveries get here earlier. As a backup plan, I’ve bought a second copy of the game 🤦‍♂️

So now I have two package deliveries:

  • The original on the 22nd
  • The new one on the 17th.

Whenever I get it first I’ll return/cancel the other. It shouldn’t have to be like this 🤷‍♂️



  1. @ricard definitely. I fix my kids switch controllers, so I watch a few fix it channels, most channels say the only thing that breaks on the pro is battery getting old. I’ve replaced so many joysticks and buttons and cleaned up sticky gunk on joycons and approved brands. Truly the pro is a cut above the rest.

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