Why the new Google logo isn’t a big deal

Ok, so Google has a new logo but, aren’t we accustomed for this logo to change every other day?

For any given date/ocasion Google changes the Google Doodle. Heck, even for your birthday the Google homepage changes to let you know they think about you.

The average user

I’m pretty sure my mum won’t notice any difference. She’ll keep doing Google searches and checking her Gmail account without realizing the logo has changed.

In the other hand, it makes sense

In the web world it makes sense to stay modern. Google, who pushed the web forward with Chrome (and it’s gazillion other web services), has to stay up to date.

I’m curious how non-web brands such as Apple or Nike wouldn’t think about changing the logo. Ok, perhaps it’s not a good comparison, both Apple and Nike are icons, not text based logos. The Google logo are just letters that can be colored differently, you’ll still read “Google” but in different color.
So, what about brands with text logos such as Amazon? Ebay? Will they update their logos too?

Pause for a moment and check out this video about the Google evolution.

It’s fascinating to see the evolution of the web. And I say the web because for most people “internet” means “Google”. I also find very interesting how this tech giant has changed our lives (I believe for the better).

Going back to the logo, what do you think? is it better?


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