Review: Airplane! (1980)

I’m ashamed I hadn’t watched this movie before. I had seen memes out of it but never the whole thing. I simply did not know where those memes came from.

This is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever watched 😂 To think it was released in 1980 blows my mind 🤯

Plain healthy comedy 🤪 You’ll find Leslie Nielsen in it, although he doesn’t have such a prominent role as in his other comedies. In this one, he plays a doctor who’s a passenger of this airplane full of ill people after eating dinner onboard 🤢

It has some fantastic gags and it feels like a “fresh take” (even though the movie it’s 30 years old) on the huge amount of crap we get nowadays on TV 💩

Have you watched this one?

Airplane! movie poster


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