Review: Angles of Attack (Frontlines #3)

This is a spoiler-free review 👍

I now realize I didn’t write a review for the 2nd book of the series: Lines of Departure (Frontlines, #2).

That second book also had for me a three-star rating just like the 3rd book I’m reviewing today. Maybe that should have been a warning that I should have not moved forward with the third installment ⚠️

🐌 It took me way too long to finish this third book, Angles of Attack. The book starts very slowly, too slowly. Around 80% through that’s where I started to feel that rush of “I need to keep reading” and being totally engaged, focused reading. This last 20% of the book is action-packed and fast-paced, just how I like it and what made me like so much the 1st book 💜

😔 I’m dropping the series

Not unexpectedly I’m dropping the series, at least for now. I need some fresh air with a different author and a different story. I still want to continue with space operas and military fiction.

Do you have any recommendation?


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