Review: Back Blast: A Gray Man Novel

This is the 5th book of a series I recently discovered. Interesting enough I started with the latest book. Did I make a mistake?

You know I’m hooked to Amazon Audible audiobooks On my latest search I found this thriller, highly recommended. From 5316 ratings the book gets a 4.7 out of 5. Not convinced yet?


I listened to the sample and the narrator had a very interesting voice. I love how this professionals can change their voice to make it sound like more feminine when acting as a woman, or older when talking as an aged man.


The story itself is intriguing. Espionage, murder and CIA black ops. What else can you ask for? I don’t want to compare but it’s in the line of the Jason Bourne series. A highly trained and expandable soldier who does the dirty work of the CIA. It’s interesting how half way through the book you will have already empathized with the protagonist. Even though he is, in any way you look at it, an assassin.

I’m truly amazed by the details and the pacing of the book. I say that because it’s a 18 hour audio file. It took me weeks to finish it (I only listen on my way to work, which is about an hour a day).


If you like the genre, you will like it. I’m looking forward to listen to the first books, they say first parts tend to be better than sequels. I’ll let you know when I’m done with them.

Have you read it? Will you give it a try?


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