Review: Colony Season 1

Colony poster

This review might contain spoilers. Reader’s discretion is adviced.

👽 How come I missed this show?

I got a recommendation from one of my Mastodon followers and I remember watching the trailer a while back. At that time the trailer didn’t peak my interest. Which might say a thing or two about the trailer itself.

In any case, fast forward a couple of months and here I am during my summer vacation when I decide to take on the first episode. Boy, was I wrong about this show. It got me hooked instantly.

What is it about?

It happens in our current time. Suddenly there’s an alien invasion but you haven’t seen the aliens, you just have seen their destructive power and how they’ve built a giant wall around your city.

There are so many unanswered questions even if you finish season 1 that makes you want to go onto season 2. Luckily, at the time of this writing, we have 3 seasons (currently binge-watching season two 🤫).

The series develops here on earth (is not like The Expanse) with a great production effort and a very well thought plot. With the appropriate end of the episode cliffhanger to keep you watching.

If you are into sci-fi, space (but not too much don’t worry) and apocalyptic earth… this show is for you.

Have you seen it? What did you think?


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