Review: Columbus Day: Expeditionary Force

Columbus Day poster

Book 1

Today I’ve got a book recommendation for you. To be specific it’s an audiobook recommendation.

You must like science fiction, space and aliens. All checked? Good because to give this a try because you need all of them.

The plot goes like this: an alien species arrives at Earth with not so good intentions. Humans try to fight them off and suddenly another race of aliens come by to help out. Or so it seems.

The story spins around Joe Bishop a soldier back from a tour that gets himself involved in all this mess. He soon will end up on a starship across the galaxy to fight against the bad aliens alongside the good aliens.

The book starts ok, the main character is interesting and all. However, nothing compares until midbook when he comes across a device that contains an AI, a magnificent AI as he would say.

From this point forward the book interest skyrockets. It becomes amusing, funny and more interesting. I liked it so much I ended up buying the rest of the series on a 50% off promotion Audible had during Christmas.

If you like sci-fi and space, you’ll like this one!

Give it a try and let me know how it went.


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