Review: Contact Front (Drop Trooper #1)

This book is another space opera that’s not incredible but not mediocre either. I found it entertaining and engaging.

I would’ve liked to see more in this first book. Not that there’s no action, there is, but maybe it falls short of story progression. By the end of it, we got the main character’s training phase and a single real combat experience.

I liked the character development and the ruthless war casualties count. I enjoy it when authors are not afraid of killing characters. At first is like “Oh man, what a let down” but once you’re in the acceptance phase you appreciate those deaths. In this context, it helps Cam (the main character) evolve.

Will I continue with the next book?

Yes. I just bought the next book in the series (Kinetic Strike) for 2.7€ (eBook) which is equivalent to two coffees in Barcelona ☕️☕️


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