Review: Kill Team (Galaxy’s Edge #3)

⚠️ Yes, this review contains spoilers.

I am so angry at this third book of the series. I was very grateful for the Author’s Note from the 1st book in which they recommended jumping into the 3rd book (this one, the one I’m reviewing now) to follow the main character’s story chronologically.

I love it when the book narrates Lieutenant Chun and the Kill Team, what they go through, the battles, the training, and what not.

I hated the whole “You’re Tom” thing 🙄

I hated that they killed off 2 of the main characters at the end of the book with close to no explanation. If you’re getting rid of two main characters at least give them a proper death, detailed battle. Instead, it’s like “Kags was shot, he’s dead”. Uhm… ok? 🤷‍♂️

I’m so dissapointed in the authors I’m dropping the series entirely. I will not be buying the following volumes.


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