Review: Kinetic Strike (Drop Trooper #2)

I was a little bit skeptical about this second installment of the series. You know it’s not easy to do a continuation of a story and still make it feel fresh, engaging, and so on.

I did rate 4 stars for the first space opera book so of course I had to buy this one (Kindle edition for 2,72€ 💰).

The story follows up very nicely around our main character Cam Alvarez as we see him grow in the Drop-Trooper branch of the military. Not only growing in rank but personally. He matures a lot in this one and this is particularly what I liked the most. Seeing through his eyes the struggles of war 🫡

There will be death. Characters will be killed ☠️ Not a big surprise if you’re constantly getting thrown into a war zone but it gets you by surprise. Well done, Mr. Partlow 💯

Will I continue with the series?

Yes, I will give it a break for a month or so and will pick the next volume after the summer break ☀️⛱️