Review: Legionnaire (Galaxy’s Edge #1)

Legionnaire book on a coffee table next to a bed

Spoiler free review.

I just finished Legionnaire the first of the Galaxy’s Edge series. This was fun to read! I’m not a speed reader but this one I’ve devoured.

Not only I read it fast but really felt excitement to know what was going to happen. The authors do a great balance between giving you details and moving the story forward. There are book which describe every single detail, not this one. Which in part is great because you fill the gaps with your imagination.

I think the genre plus the writing style that made me like it so much.


The ending is a little bit strange, there’s an epilogue that was zero appealing to me. I guess they wanted to introduce a little bit the next book?

I appreaciated a lot the author notes at the very end, explaining that if you wanted to continue in chornological order you should jump from book 1 to 3. This is exactly what I want to do, I want to follow up on the main characters of book 1.


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