Review: Pitch Season 1

You don’t have to love baseball to watch this

This show spins around a female pitcher who gets into the Major Baseball League. Something that has only been done a few time by female ball players.

I have never seen a live baseball game. I have never seen a full length baseball game on TV. I have seen highlights, recaps and baseball Japanese anime. I’m not a big fan of the sport, I don’t follow any teams, I know the basic rules and I do own a glove.

I tell you this because this show is not about baseball. You don’t have to love the game or play the game to enjoy it. The story happens around baseball, but that’s about it.

Unlike all other shows nowadays, Pitch, does not have cliffhangers on every single episode ending. Although it seems like it’s mandatory for every new show. I’m sick of it. They create this need by showing you five crucial seconds of the upcoming episode. I would’ve tunned it next week any way, you don’t have to do that.

Pitch does not leave you hanging and I appreciate it. The show its good on itself, the actors deliver and the product placement is everywhere (that’s probably not a good thing). I wonder if the show pays for itself by just showing all the brands.

The first season is just 10 episodes and it is worth watching. See the trailer and give it a try if it triggers your interest.

Thank you Fox for going with this show and I hope you’ll continue to deliver at least a second season, considering how this first one ended.

What about you, have you seen it? Do you like sport themes tv shows?


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