Review: Permanent Record

Permanent Record by Edward Snowden

The book by the American hero, Edward Snowden, who at a very high cost revealed to the world what the US (and other) governments were doing in the name of “national security.”

I already knew the story, I had seen the movie and the documentary as well as blog posts and other appearances.

This memoir, however, goes deep not only on the spooky details inside the CIA and NSA but on why Mr. Snowden did what he did. Knowing, very well, it could end his life.

You don’t need any sort of technical knowledge to digest this book, it feels like reading science fiction. The astonishing fact is that you know the things he talks about are real.

I have already written a little bit about privacy, not going to repeat myself here. If the topic of privacy, mass surveillance, and government control appeal to you… get the book.



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