Review: Transfer of Power

Transfer of Power from Vince Flynn. This is a spoiler free review 😌

This is the third book of the Mitch Rapp series and I loved it ❤️ Plain and simple.

I’m not a power reader 🤓 I don’t read that many books. I just got through 6 this 2021, which is a number you might laugh at 🤭 It’s a low number. In my defense I usually read when I’m commuting to school, so around 2 hours a week tops. Works for me, don’t hate me 🤷‍♂️

Anyways, the book… this book has given me the chills, excited me like no book before 😲 Or least that I can remember 🤔 I’m a big movie guy, and usually, books don’t have the same effect. This one, however, was the complete opposite 💥

I didn’t feel there were boring chapters, most of the book kept me engaged with the action parts being super thrilling. I could see the action unfolding in my mind and I was in a hurry to flip the pages to see how the story continued. I guess the topic helped, I find super interesting the whole secrecy behind the US special forces groups (SEAL, Delta Force…). Sure it’s a fictional book but it can’t be that far from the truth.

In any case, so far the best book of the series. I will start the 4th shortly 📚


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