The Martian (the book, you’ll love it)

Who doesn’t like a good space story?

I know who, my mother. The thought of being trapped in a plane makes her palms sweat.

Not to me, a big boy and space fan, I follow ISS astronauts on Twitter and I keep up with the latest NASA videos. I find space exploration fascinating.

It takes many smart people to build a ship that will orbit Earth and will serve as a science habitat. A spaceship!

PS: Actually, I do feel uncomfortable and uneasy with mid-flight turbulences. The thought of a vehicle of that weight trying to land at that speed… it scares me. I feel very relieved when all wheels are on the ground and it’s slowing down.

Here comes The Martian

I saw the trailer and half way through I already wanted to see the movie. Long story short: The main character is left alone in planet Mars.

I started digging and I found that the movie is based on a best selling book: The Martian.

My first thought was to buy the book, the reviews were excellent. When I was about to purchase it Amazon showed me it’s audiobook, so I got that instead.

I gotta say, it’s fantastic. Not only the book gets you hooked from the first moment, it makes you want to keep reading (or in my case, listening) until the end. Plus the voice actor does a fantastic job and it actually teleports you to Mars. It makes you an close spectator of this adventure in a far away planet.

The book is full of realism, the author did a lot of research on vocabulary and space science to make it as real as possible. It helps, you actually believe everything you read (even though is, in fact, science fiction).

Some chapters will make you laugh, other makes you think and some will give you a lot of tension. What’s going to happen? How will he survive? What would I do in that situation? All this mad science actually makes sense!

I encourage you to get the book (or audiobook), you’ll enjoy it. I’m looking forward the movie, set to be released by the end of 2015. I can’t wait!

Have your read it?

The Martian (movie)


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