Catalan elections during a pandemic

The letters VOTE are shown in a solid background

Surprisingly casting my vote was smoother than in pre-COVID years. Yes, the queue was long, we were there for about one hour. Most of the time, just standing on the street.

😮 Smooth and well organized

The queue steadily moved forward each minute. As we entered the school all with masks our masks on (although there was an asshat who didn’t wear it on the queue as we waited outside, even though it’s mandatory 😒 ). We kept a safe distance from each other.

Once inside we were quickly pointed to our assigned table, voted, and left through the back door of the gymnasium. So not to cross again with the people on the queue.

I had talked with friends the week before election day and everybody was concerned about the safety measures. Half-joking the COVID cases would spike if people went to vote. I highly doubt that after seeing how our school was organized. I can’t talk about every school in Catalonia but I’d like to imagine they were along these lines.

🤔 Here’s the controversial bit

They allowed a time frame of 19h to 20h for those COVID positive to cast their vote 😷 From what I can see in the pictures those chosen to fill the table roles were wearing masks, face shields, and some with those thin white full-body coats. No full hazmat suits as I had previously read somewhere, though.

I think everybody should be able to cast their vote, was it a wise decision to let those positive cases do it in person? Not sure 🤷‍♂️

Is it time for a digital way of voting? I hope not, I wouldn’t trust it 🙅‍♂️ But that’s an issue for another day

💬 Did you vote in this 2021 election? How was your experience?



  1. Helena says:

    Very fast, about 15 minuts. Is in a small village. There were not many people

    1. That’s fantastic! Did they have the correct safety measures?

      1. Helena says:

        Yes, however they took our temperature

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