Google knows

Google Play Music screenshot

Today I got a little creeped out by Google. You see, I usually work at the office but today for a change I worked from home.

On my daily routine I log into my computer, put the headphones on and access Google Play. Then I noticed the creepy music recommendations.

Wait a minute, how does Google Play know am I at home? How does it know I’m working from home?

After a few seconds I realized I have the Google Maps Timeline feature turned on. Meaning Google records everywhere I go. I’m fine with it, I find it quite useful actually. I’m a fan of live-logging and yes, I know, privacy. I gave it up when I turned on that setting.

I quickly connected the dots, Google Maps knew where I was on a Friday morning and Google Play recommended: “music when working from home”. Easy as that.

As a developer, I can appreciate the effort of the customized experience. Creepiness aside.


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