Google Lens can read handwriting

My handwriting on a notepad


One of those features I don’t use as much on my Android phone is Google Lens.

This Google black magic 🧙‍♂️ which uses your camera to detect what’s in front of it. Be it a monument, food, labels, brands or handwriting.

Screenshot of Google Lens over my handwriting on a notepad
Screenshot of Google Lens on my Android 9 Pixel phone.

I did this test. I wrote something on a notepad with my cool fountain pen and then used my phone’s camera with Google Lens.

Without delay it highlighted the text on the screen and allowed me to select any part to then copy it 🤯

Here’s the transcription Google Lens provided:

The other day I discovered
Google lens can actually
read handwriting.
Quite amazing but not
totally surprising

Perfect transcription, even if my handwriting is not the best (I’m working on that) ✍️

I did some other tests and were not as successful, but that’s probably on me as I was writing quicker so my writing was even less understandable 🤪

According to Google this feature is great for travelling, to get contextual information on where you are and what your visiting (given that you have internet connection, of course).

Did you know about Google Lens?



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    1. It is! Sorry for the late reply 😎

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