Google Pay at the supermarket

People standing in a train platform looking at their phones


I know it’s not a new thing but I’m pretty sure not many people use it.

Whenever I go to the supermarket, after they scan all my items, I give them my phone. The Google Pay Android app can store the loyalty cards, in this case, the one for the supermarket which accumulates discounts over time. So they take my phone and scan the bar code from the screen into their machine.

As they give me my phone back I swipe to select my debit card 💳 and I scan it myself into the machine to pay 💸

Nothing new about this but I haven’t seen people do it. It’s so fast and easy. The only improvement I’d like to see is having a detailed receipt in the app. Right now as they charge you, you just see the total amount. If you could have the detail of the items on the phone, that’d be amazing. Not only to have that information in a digital way but to save on paper. I usually discard the receipt or often times, if the amount is low, I just don’t take it at all. Yet they print it.

How do you pay at the supermarket? Card? Cash? Smartphone?


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