Google’s magic calendars you didn’t know about

Google Calendar main view screenshot

This is a public service announcement πŸ“£. Stick with me if you’re a Google Calendar user.

So, I follow North American baseball (MLB) ⚾️. Specifically, I follow the Boston Red Sox. When I google “Red Sox” this shows up:

Boston Red Sox Google Search screenshot

When you click on the circular red button something like this pops up:

Boston Red Sox Google Search screenshot

Google is so smart they show the game time in my local time. This is key. Being in Barcelona I have a time difference of 9 hours to San Francisco or 6 hours to Boston.

All good πŸ‘Œ

What do I want?

I would love to import a calendar to my Google Calendar with all the Boston Red Sox games. If you go to their official team website you can actually download such calendar. However. This calendar has all the events set to Greenwich Mean Time which is currently 2 hours behind Barcelona.

No joy 😞

Google to the rescue

Did you know Google Calendar has “calendars of interest” you can subscribe to? Yeah, I didn’t know either.

They have 2 sections “Holidays” and “Sports”. You can subscribe to your team’s games calendar. This will create all the events for you and, most importantly, in your local time.

Mind = blown 🀯

Such a powerful Google Calendar feature, yet so hidden.

Google Calendar Settings screenshot



  1. @juliank Last question Julian :blobaww:

    Is this getcomments magic open sourced somewhere? 😎

    Original Toot

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