Moving companies in Japan

I thought that after 2, three-week trips to the land of the rising sun not many things would surprise me from them. It’s not a perfect country, none is. Some of the things I truly love about them is the customer attention, customer care, and the overall social consciousness.

From being quiet and respectful on a train, how you’ll be treated at a restaurant, at a store… how almost every Japanese person I encountered in my trips was nice and helpful. Sure, there are people that aren’t as nice but from my experience, I’d say those are not the majority.

I had already seen a video from another Youtuber showing how moving companies work. Recently I have come across yet another and it honestly puts me in a happy jealous mode. How polite, efficient, and professional this can be.

Before you jump into the full video below let me highlight some of the parts.

✅ Inspection

One of the first things you’ll see is how a man in a suit comes to the apartment to look at what they’ll have to move. He pulls a tablet and starts logging items.
Please notice how he places a sort of protective matt before placing his bag on the floor!

🥰 Protecting the building

They come and install a bunch of protective plastics on the walls, floors, elevator… so they don’t scratch or damage. Yes, I have seen similar things here in Barcelona but usually when they’re doing construction or house renovation. They might protect the elevator but in the majority, they don’t. If they dent a door or wall, tough luck.

🧦 New socks!

All the personnel wears new white shinny socks upon entering the house. They put them over the ones they already hear in front of you.

📦 Packing your stuff

This blows me away. The two nice ladies that come to the house and start packing everything. From kitchen utensils, clothes, shoes, plates… All in a secure manner to ensure safety during transport. I mean look at this stuff:

They even disassemble big furniture and assemble it again the next day on the other apartment. Please notice they even mop the furniture so it arrives sparkling clean to the new location.

What is there not to love about this customer service. I haven’t checked but I would imagine you could get something similar here in Barcelona with a ridiculous amount of money, and even with that, I don’t think they would treat the old apartment with so much care.

Japan is a fascinating country, I can’t wait to visit again ✈️ 🇯🇵



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