Human relationships are important

Chinese character

🤦🏻‍♂️ Oh man…

I joined my current company a year ago. To everybody who asked me I said the thing: I simply have nothing to complain about. I’ve got everything I need to be happy.

Good project, good people, good offices, good salary… what else can you really ask for? In my mind, nothing. The best part of all was my team leader, a great professional with so much knowledge. And more importantly, willing to share it all with us. I’ve learned so much from him in the past year.

I wasn’t prepared for this. I knew a day would come. The day when we would have to work on a different project, it was inevitable. Yet us humans tend to turn a blind eye to these future worries. It’s a problem for our future self. At least that’s what I said to myself.

I was not ready to hear that we won’t just be working together anymore. Actually, he’s leaving the company.

This might not be a big shocker for you. Certainly, many people leave and join companies all the time. Let me tell you, no one like him. I have never known a such a good developer like my team lead. More than half of my happiness in this company was because of this man. A pure bromance, even if one-sided.

Now what? I don’t know. The whole team is devastated. I know I am. Today’s playlist in Google Play is full of sad songs as if I was not sad enough.

I’ve made sure to tell him how grateful I am for all this time together 🙇🏻

Do you know how does the Chinese character for person/human looks like?

It looks like two sticks. One stick will not stay in place or upright without the other. The same goes for us, humans. Our personal relationships, of any kind, are fundamental to our happiness. We’re wired that way.

⭐️ My advice to you is: don’t take things for granted. Be thankful to the people who make you happy and value them. In the end, we’re nothing without human relationships, we need to help each other out, to live.



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