The fountain pen rabbit hole

4 bottles of ink displayed on a table

🖋 🐇

I had never imagined the world of fountain pens would run so deep and wide 🤯

The more you learn the more there is out there. So many pen manufacturers, so many models for each brand, and then multiply them for the different nib sizes you can have.

If all these choices weren’t enough you then start diving into the realm of inks. It is surprising the high number of links you can find. Each brand of ink has, of course, a palette of colors, and most of the time different shades of the same color.

It seems Japan 🇯🇵 is one of the countries with more fountain pen love. There are brands and inks to fulfill your needs and beyond. Who would’ve thought?

It is not a cheap hobby but it can be. You can find very affordable pens and ink but how long will you be able to hold until you buy your first premium ink? I haven’t fallen to that sin yet but I have some items on my wishlist 😈

Looking forward to my birthday next month so I have an excuse to buy a new pen and colorful ink 😂


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