The smoking fireman

Fire station

On my way to work, I always pass by a firehouse. They’re pretty cool, like the ones in the tv shows or movies. Especially the pole they use to go down from one floor to the ground floor. Really cool.

Usually, the firehouse has the frontend doors, the doors from which the trucks come and go, down so you can’t really see what’s going on inside. The other day, however, the doors were up and the firemen on duty were talking near the doors.

There was this fireman, outside the gates, smoking a cigarette and I couldn’t help but think of the irony. Firemen use masks and gear to protect their lungs from the deathly smoke when rushing into buildings. Yet, this man was voluntarily inhaling smoke.

It’s fine, I respect his addiction it just seemed curious. Also because firemen are usually very fit and strong, so reducing your pulmonary capacity on purpose it doesn’t seem very logical. Especially knowing that it might affect your ability to do your job at some point. Ok, ok, I guess if you’re a fireman behind a desk it could be more understandable. Not trying to judge, just curious.

Can’t finish without saying thank you to all firemen out there for the job you do.


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