Transcending the mojito


🍹 I love a good mojito

A good mojito is hard to find. That fact is, everybody can do a bad mojito.

Living in Barcelona, I’ve only found a place where the mojito is excellent. So excellent a friend of mine who has been to La Havana said right after the first sip:

I have been transported to La Havana

There’s this secret place in the heart of Barcelona. An underground billard club that can not be named so it remains hidden.

As you stroll down the stairs jazz music will start to fill your ears. Imagine a clandestine, old fashion looking bar. Classic. Like none of the new modern clubs you’ve probably seen.

This place is one floor below ground, with no windows. Dim lights and handmade paintings on the wall. There’s a bar on the right which is governed by a friendly sharp-dressed barman from Cuba 🇨🇺

On the left, you’ll find 2 classic nonmechanical pool tables and a bunch of fancy leather seats. Which you can enjoy at no extra cost as soon as you order your cocktail.

We approached the barman and my contact introduced me. I asked him (although I already knew) if he was Cuban and if he could make me a real Cuban mojito. His answer?

You have to transcend the mojito

He was telling me to try something new, something different. Escape from the classic mojito and transcend to something else, something more perhaps? I had no idea what he meant but I had to go with it. I arrived here with an open mind and I was begging to trust this man.

I am no expert, I am no barman. This man had spiked my curiosity and interest. So I agreed: Surprise me.

He proposed I tasted a Canchánchara a Cuban cocktail similar to the mojito but not really. With a base of rum, a touch of honey, lemon, and ginger beer.

After a while my drink was ready. A 10€ drink that blew my mind 🤯 It was delicious. The whole process was exquisite. From the handcrafted preparation to the fancy presentation and the unique taste.

We enjoyed an evening of billard while drinking what I wish had been a bottomless cocktail.

I truly transcended the mojito in that underground bar 🧘🏻‍♂️


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