You know how to draw

Woman drawing with a pencil

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So I found this TED Talk in which the speaker was challenging the audience to get a pen and a piece of paper. He challenged them to draw along.

💡 Here’s the interesting bit. At the beginning of the talk he asked the audience whether they think they can draw. Only 1 or 2 hands rose ✋

At the end of the video everybody could draw simple cartoon characters. So I wanted to try the same thing.

I took out my fountain pen from the bag, my small notepad and started the experiment. I spent around 15 minutes getting inspired by famous cartoonists and face expressions cheat sheets I found online.

The point wasn’t just drawing

The conclusion the speaker came to was that most of the times we say we can’t without even trying. Like in any other discipline, I won’t become a cartoonist with a single drawing session, that would take thousands of hours of practice.

The point is to be open minded. Try more things and be open to learn new skills.

Can you draw? I’m sure you can 😉

My first drawing on my notepad
First drawing try
My second drawing on my notepad
Second try, getting there
My third drawing on my notepad
Even better expressions on the third try


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