Weeknote 26 (2022)

🍔 Acero burger ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ With colleagues from work we organized a quick a dirty outing to a local burger joint. I’ve added a photo for proof. What’s the thing you most enjoyed eating this week? 😴 Working at 6 AM This week I had to be online at 6 AM, just for one day because […]

Weeknote 22 (2022)

🏢 Visiting the office On Wednesday I visited the office with a teammate. I think I’ve already talked to you about how comfortable my home setup has been for the past two years. I’m productive and get shit done. Am I productive at the office? Yes and no. If I’m alone I’m not. It’s less […]

Weeknote 18 (2022)

😱 First trip after 2 years Next month I’m doing a small trip (1 night) since hell broke loose. I’m even taking a plane! ✈️ 🤯I’m taking three of my students to see my master for their promotion test. Should be great, it has been long, too long. Have you had any trips since 2020? […]

Weeknote 15 (2022)

The Rona got me 🤧 Yep, I came down with COVID two weeks ago. Thankfully it could’ve been worse. 👍 The best? Felt like the flu. One day of fever and then a runny nose. After a week I had almost no symptoms. 👎 The worse? I temporarily lost the sense of smell, thus the […]

Weeknote 10 (2022)

After Effects 📹 This week I’ve learned the very basics of using Adobe After Effects to create videos. I have never been any good at this (not I am now). I have always used Apple’s iMovie. It’s easy enough and gets the job done for simple things. This time, however, I wanted more control over […]

Weeknote 8 (2022)

This week started horribly wrong. On what seemed a perfectly good Saturday I was home, after having a nice pizza recuperating from the morning class at school. As I approached my cat my back broke. Ok, it didn’t break but got a case of lumbago 😵 I haven’t had that for years, as far as […]

Weeknote 7 (2022)

Instagram I have revived my Instagram account. I stopped posting due to the lack of interaction. Not the likes but comments 💬 I was probably doing something wrong (not being engaging enough? Simply bad content?). Likes are good but I love when conversations get started. I’ve had such interesting exchanges in my different blogs (except […]

Weeknote 5 (2022)

💉 😷 Two weeks I got the 3rd COVID-19 vaccine dosage. Yay! On my first two shots I felt great, just a small ache in the receiving arm. This time however, as I tweeted “I feel fantastic” the next day I started to get the chills. You know, the classic symptoms when you get a […]

Weeknote 2 (2022)

Second week of the year but first week back to school work. Actually, it’s both school and work. Back to teaching my classes as well as the home office. Unsurprisingly one of the new year’s resolutions, like every year, is to detox everything that was eaten and drank during the holiday season. if you’ve ever […]

Weeknote 46 (2021)

6 weeks since my last update? Sorry about that. I have been neglecting my blogs for a while. I’m reading stuff, not so much creating or writing. First gig after lockdown 🎸 This week I had my first gig after lockdown, and the whole pandemic. We had lots of fun, the sound was great, and […]