Weeknote 33 (2021)

Ricard’s log, August 20th, 2021 Star Trek Lower Decks is back and they always do this thing “captain’s log”. Sounded funny. It’s not when I do it. Couple of things I’ve been up to: 🎸 Recording the album You know how AC/DC or The Rolling Stones all fly to fancy studios in California or Canada […]

Weeknote 16 (2021)

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Long story short, I adopted a cat! 😻 The process, which should’ve been easy, wasn’t. Well, ok, it depends on where do you go to. In the end, after weeks of talks, I decided to try my luck somewhere else and I took home a beautiful ball […]

Weeknote 12 (2021)

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» The work from home revolution At this point, you’ve probably read how the world has embraced the work from home. How companies are going fully remote, how the teams are functioning just as they were before but now without offices 🏒 Also, how some employees are working crazy hours because they’re at home and […]

Weeknote 11 (2021)

🌱 Custom planter for my balcony This week I’ve been looking for wooden planters. You would think it’s easy, and you’d be right if you had lots of space. In the city, balconies are usually not very spacious (mine’s not specially big). I’m looking for specific sizing and that’s been a challenge. I’ve contacted a […]

Weeknote 9 (2021)

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Single-board computer The week started great, I bought a Raspberry Pi (4 model B). It’s a small computer at a crazy low price that allows you to do anything you’d want from a computer. I felt like a hacker and still do trying things on it. It’s super small and it’s now powering a […]

Weeknote 51 (2020)

I have been busy. Busy and with my mind somewhere else. Where? My new apartment 🏑 I know… here I am again ranting about it. Only those who have undergone renovations can understand the pain of working with the contractors, the pain of having to repeat yourself over and over so they do what you […]

Weeknote 44 (2020)

πŸ˜” Kicked in the nuts, again. The Catalan government has imposed new restrictions as of today. Amongst others, they’ve closed off all the sports facilities because they don’t deem them to be a “first necessity”. Thus, our school had to close its doors for at least the next fifteen days. We’re powerless. Powerless against politicians […]

Weeknote 40 (2020)

It has been nine weeks since the last update. So much for “weeknotes”, right? I haven’t been blogging much, not here nor in my travel blog, so here are some updates. πŸ›  Renovations It has been a full month since the renovations of my new apartment started. It’s funny now destroying stuff is easy (bathroom, […]

Weeknote 31 (2020)

πŸ– Vacations, here we go. Finally. After having to cancel my South Korean plans back in April (of which I’m still emotionally recovering) today, end of business, I’ll start my deserved three-week vacation. No flying, not traveling afar. COVID-19 has other plans for us this year. Spain’s situation is not yet under control and Barcelona […]

Weeknote 29 (2020)

I wish I didn’t have to rant but you know how most people are… a bunch of ***holes 😑 Some are so dense they’re only capable of caring about themselves, and their comfort. Selfish and unconscious, incapable of living in society. Incapable of feeling empathy for the person next to them. Barcelona is about to […]