Weeknote 7 (2022)

Instagram I have revived my Instagram account. I stopped posting due to the lack of interaction. Not the likes but comments 💬 I was probably doing something wrong (not being engaging enough? Simply bad content?). Likes are good but I love when conversations get started. I’ve had such interesting exchanges in my different blogs (except […]

Weeknote 5 (2022)

💉 😷 Two weeks I got the 3rd COVID-19 vaccine dosage. Yay! On my first two shots I felt great, just a small ache in the receiving arm. This time however, as I tweeted “I feel fantastic” the next day I started to get the chills. You know, the classic symptoms when you get a […]

Weeknote 2 (2022)

Second week of the year but first week back to school work. Actually, it’s both school and work. Back to teaching my classes as well as the home office. Unsurprisingly one of the new year’s resolutions, like every year, is to detox everything that was eaten and drank during the holiday season. if you’ve ever […]

Weeknote 46 (2021)

6 weeks since my last update? Sorry about that. I have been neglecting my blogs for a while. I’m reading stuff, not so much creating or writing. First gig after lockdown 🎸 This week I had my first gig after lockdown, and the whole pandemic. We had lots of fun, the sound was great, and […]

Weeknote 40 (2021)

Yeah, not really a weeknote if I skip like 7 weeks between posts. Shame all over. I have excuses (you tell me if they’re valid or not). First, right after the last post, I went back to work. Back to my eight to five job after 4 weeks of vacation. Not easy. Can’t complain but […]

Weeknote 33 (2021)

Ricard’s log, August 20th, 2021 Star Trek Lower Decks is back and they always do this thing “captain’s log”. Sounded funny. It’s not when I do it. Couple of things I’ve been up to: 🎸 Recording the album You know how AC/DC or The Rolling Stones all fly to fancy studios in California or Canada […]

Weeknote 16 (2021)

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Long story short, I adopted a cat! 😻 The process, which should’ve been easy, wasn’t. Well, ok, it depends on where do you go to. In the end, after weeks of talks, I decided to try my luck somewhere else and I took home a beautiful ball […]

Weeknote 12 (2021)

👨‍💻 The work from home revolution At this point, you’ve probably read how the world has embraced the work from home. How companies are going fully remote, how the teams are functioning just as they were before but now without offices 🏢 Also, how some employees are working crazy hours because they’re at home and […]

Weeknote 11 (2021)

🌱 Custom planter for my balcony This week I’ve been looking for wooden planters. You would think it’s easy, and you’d be right if you had lots of space. In the city, balconies are usually not very spacious (mine’s not specially big). I’m looking for specific sizing and that’s been a challenge. I’ve contacted a […]

Weeknote 9 (2021)

👨‍💻 Single-board computer The week started great, I bought a Raspberry Pi (4 model B). It’s a small computer at a crazy low price that allows you to do anything you’d want from a computer. I felt like a hacker and still do trying things on it. It’s super small and it’s now powering a […]