Weeknote 10 (2023)

✈️ πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Trip to Cologne, Germany The past weekend I spent between German things… German people, German beer, German food. We traveled to Cologne for a Haidong Gumdo seminar (the martial art I teach) and it was fun! πŸ’œ The journey didn’t start great, though. We had a delay in both incoming and outgoing flights, […]

Weeknote 8 (2023)

✈️ πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Preparing a weekend trip to Cologne, Germany It’s actually not for this weekend but the next one, but I’m all set βœ… I will always be speechless when seeing that a flight to Germany is cheaper than a shorter flight inside Spain. Both leaving on Friday evening and returning Sunday evening. It doesn’t […]

Weeknote 4 (2023)

πŸ—Ί Google Maps reviews I’ve been, for years, leaving Google Maps reviews of the places I visit. Not so much for others but for me. I’ve found myself finding places I had forgotten about just to find my review saying “must repeat or must avoid”. Lately, I’ve been getting to most of my review replies […]

Weeknote 3 (2023)

The week started very well πŸ’― There’s a Chinese place nearby that sells Korean-style chicken πŸ‡°πŸ‡· For 9.5€ you get 6 boneless pieces of spicy and sweet chicken, some small rice cakes, and pickled radish. Doesn’t seem like much but the pieces are big enough for one person to have lunch 😌 This week I […]

Weeknote 2 (2023)

I am a sucker for ramen, luckily in Barcelona there are decent options very close to the real thing, as if you were slurping soup in Tokyo.  The ramen here was good but on the other hand with these shrimps, we were ripped off 8€ for 4 miserable things. πŸ› Food, why do you hate […]

Weeknote 1 (2023)

🍬 🍫 Sweets, turrones and drinks 🍹 End of year holidays… am I right? Time to eat what you don’t eat the rest of the year. For me, as a martial teacher feels like sabotaging my training and gains. It’s hard to turn down chocolaty turrones or a cocktail here and there. The problem with […]

Weeknote 26 (2022)

πŸ” Acero burger ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ With colleagues from work we organized a quick a dirty outing to a local burger joint. I’ve added a photo for proof. What’s the thing you most enjoyed eating this week? 😴 Working at 6 AM This week I had to be online at 6 AM, just for one day because […]

Weeknote 22 (2022)

🏒 Visiting the office On Wednesday I visited the office with a teammate. I think I’ve already talked to you about how comfortable my home setup has been for the past two years. I’m productive and get shit done. Am I productive at the office? Yes and no. If I’m alone I’m not. It’s less […]

Weeknote 18 (2022)

😱 First trip after 2 years Next month I’m doing a small trip (1 night) since hell broke loose. I’m even taking a plane! ✈️ 🀯I’m taking three of my students to see my master for their promotion test. Should be great, it has been long, too long. Have you had any trips since 2020? […]

Weeknote 15 (2022)

The Rona got me 🀧 Yep, I came down with COVID two weeks ago. Thankfully it could’ve been worse. πŸ‘ The best? Felt like the flu. One day of fever and then a runny nose. After a week I had almost no symptoms. πŸ‘Ž The worse? I temporarily lost the sense of smell, thus the […]