Weeknote 1 (2023)

🍬 🍫 Sweets, turrones and drinks 🍹

End of year holidays… am I right? Time to eat what you don’t eat the rest of the year. For me, as a martial teacher feels like sabotaging my training and gains. It’s hard to turn down chocolaty turrones or a cocktail here and there. The problem with the “here and there” is several days in a row: the dinner of the 24th, the lunch of the 25th, the lunch of the 26th, the dinner of the 31st, the 6th…

It’s been two years since we temporarily closed the school doors for this Christmas break but I haven’t been totally resting, I can’t have that. It’s amazing how fast your body will get used to doing nothing, after all the year gains. Can’t have that. I’ve been doing some short 30-min high-intensity workouts at home, and of course, that won’t be enough. Better than nothing I guess.

Did you enjoy the holiday food? Are you ready for January? 😏

🇰🇷 🍲 Korean food in Barcelona

Had the chance to try a Korean dish I could only taste in Korea before. The photo below shows the ginseng chicken soup known in Korean as “samgyetang”. This dish has to be ordered at least a day in advance. It’s good, not the best but interesting enough to try. The small bird has rice and plums inside, and the meat is tender. The soup however lacks a punch. If you know Japanese ramen, this will have less taste.

How does it look?


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