Week 10 (2019)

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Main highlight? The business trip to a theme park. The yearly company retreat slash meeting. Two full days of keynotes, different sessions and workshops. It was really tiring. Travel time was like 7 hours and it was within Spain!

🍹 Fancy cocktails, try again

Since I discovered the world of well done cocktails with premium ingredients and lots of wisdom I can no longer order regular cocktails. I’ve become a cocktail snob.
During the gala dinner at the business trip they were serving unmeasured cheap cocktails (liquor + soda) and it was disgusting 🤮 I’ve had one and it was already too much. Luckily the wine was really good 😌

🚅 Spain’s railroad network 🤦🏻‍♂️

it’s quite shameful. When I was younger we used to travel to visit my grandparents like 3 times a year. We would take the same “high speed” train I took during my business trip last weekend. Can you believe in 20 years they haven’t changed that much? There’s still no wifi, although it’s just too late for that now. Also, there are no plugs in your seat to charge your phone. I think only the super duper high speed train called AVE has seat plugs.

As a fun fact, almost 10 years ago when I visited Lisbon (Portugal) they had free wifi on their buses 👏

🤒 🤧 Takeaway

As I came back from the trip half of the office got the flu. It was a fast killing virus, I’m telling you. In 1 day I was knocked out with whole body aches and fever.

I went to the ER the next morning and the doctor gave me a 3 day sick leave. It’s the 5th day and my throat is still sore, no fever though.

I consider myself to be healthy and fit, still the virus destroyed me in less than a day. I’m not surprised that these things can kill elderly people ☠️

I hope you had a better week than me.


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