Weeknote 10 (2022)

After Effects πŸ“Ή

This week I’ve learned the very basics of using Adobe After Effects to create videos. I have never been any good at this (not I am now). I have always used Apple’s iMovie. It’s easy enough and gets the job done for simple things.

This time, however, I wanted more control over the generated file. My goal was to create videos for Instagram and YouTube for our podcast Korean Tapas. Each platform has its own aspect ratio/size requirements and iMovie fells short to the task.

I wanted to create 2 templates that would allow me to simply drop new audio clips but maintain the graphics, images, etc.

Check out the result in our YouTube and Instagram.

It’s not professional level but now I can very quickly generate both videos from the starting template. Mission accomplished βœ…

Have you ever had to edit / create a video?

Next trip? ✈️

This week I was thinking about a potential next trip this year. It has been long, very long. Since the pandemic started. The farthest I’ve gone is around 70km away from Barcelona. Could be worse, I know. Still, a far cry from the epic trips I used to take every year before COVID 😷

This year? Nothing set on stone just yet but I would love to visit Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ (for a third time). Should the restrictions be less… strict πŸ₯Ί
Re-visiting some places is not a concern, I even welcome it. It has been 8 years since my last visit. Anything is a good plan when we’re talking about Japan 😌


🌸 Spring? out of the question, would’ve been amazing. I’m told there’s a quarantine in place as you land. Not an option πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ

β˜€οΈ Summer? Don’t even think about it. Been there, done that. It’s horribly hot and humid. No, thank you πŸ₯΅

🍁 I am aiming for October, cooler temperatures, and hopefully full of autumn colors. We’re months away so this is just daydreaming for now. Fingers crossed 🀞

Any travel plans for you this year?


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