Weeknote 18 (2022)

😱 First trip after 2 years

Next month I’m doing a small trip (1 night) since hell broke loose. I’m even taking a plane! ✈️ 🤯
I’m taking three of my students to see my master for their promotion test. Should be great, it has been long, too long.

Have you had any trips since 2020?

 🤔 Back to normal?

Since the mask mandate in interiors has been lifted I feel we’re back to normal, honestly. I just wear a mask when traveling on the metro, that’s it. I don’t carry it anymore when meeting with friends or going to grab a bite. Truly great feeling. Lucky the countries they had these restrictions lifter earlier than us. And I feel for the others that are still under pressure (Japan, China…)

What’s your feeling?

🎬 Bubble (2022)

Watched this movie from Netflix, on Netflix. Visually striking but lacking of any sense. Beautiful animations, as one would expect from an anime movie with a budget. The voice actors are very good, even supporting characters.

Long story short, don’t watch it, I didn’t understand half of it 🤷‍♂️

Any good movies to watch over the weekend?


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