Weeknote 18 (2023)

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been back from Japan and I’m still adjusting to reality. The reality of walking on dirty streets and feeling the general rudeness, but on the other side the calm of riding an almost empty metro or walking on deserted streets. You can’t have everything.

📚 Manga

During my Japan expedition, I visited lots of manga and anime stores, it refreshed this hobby and especially manga. I’ve never been a hardcore manga reader. In Spain it has always been expensive to buy, you only get the big series translated and I just enjoy more TV, so anime.

Still, I decided to give it a try and set myself a monthly small budget for buying a few volumes (new or secondhand. Just discovered there’s a big second-hand store for manga in Barcelona. Will visit that next month). No rush, just slowly building up a two or three series. I’ve started collecting the new Blue Lock and my all-time favorite anime, Haikyuu.

Additionally I’m borrowing Bakuman from my brother, which I watched years ago but never read the manga.

📸 Photos, too many pictures

I have to start processing the pictures from Japan, it’s a slow process. I need to find time, it’s not something I do quickly. Plus all pictures need to be accompanied by a story or context on the blog. I gotta put this on my to-do list because in a blink of an eye, two weeks have passed and I haven’t posted anything.

🍔 Had a great smash burger

There’s finally a nice smash burger joint 3 minutes from my apartment and at a reasonable price (burger pictured below was 9€). They’ve got a customer right here ✋ I was missing a place like this that’s not far away from home 🤤
These things are the reason I don’t think I could move to a remote small town. Could you?


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