Weeknote 2 (2023)

I am a sucker for ramen, luckily in Barcelona there are decent options very close to the real thing, as if you were slurping soup in Tokyo. 

The ramen here was good but on the other hand with these shrimps, we were ripped off 8€ for 4 miserable things.

🍛 Food, why do you hate me?

This week I felt sick like I’ve never felt before. At least no that I remember. My lunch did not agree with me at all and had me rushing to the toilet 3 times 🤮🤮🤮 across the entire evening. 

It was horrible ☠️

I never puke, I don’t remember the last time I did. Felt very miserable and my cat got super scared because of the weird noises emanating from the toilet, all his fur standing up 🙀

🥋 Back to training

We’re back! First two classes of the new year after Christmas break are done. It was great to see my students again and to go back to training, the body just gets used to doing nothing so quickly. It’s amazing and sad at the same time.

PS: yes, as I suspected, 90% are so out of shape that they had to stop mid-class to catch their breath).

PS PS: yes, I’m that strict.

📺 New anime

I started 2 new anime this week:

  • Tsurune Season 2: I loved the first season of this kyudo high school club (the Japanese martial art of shooting a bow and arrow). It seems like a very boring martial art (for the slowness) but the anime makes it very fun to watch. The animation is beautiful, the colors, the music… Watch the first season if you like these genres.
  • Bocchi The Rock: this one is special, something you don’t see every day. The main character has social anxiety and shows how even when she’s an amazing guitar player, she can barely function in public spaces or with other people. So far we’re seeing her journey to overcoming that, the character development in this one is great.

Any TV recommendation from your side?

📝 The paper journal is back!?

Maybe! I’m trying (or re-trying) some writing stuff this 2023:

  • For the Weeknotes (like this one you’re reading) I gather the week’s highlights in a notepad. Yes, pen a paper. With a new fountain pen I brought from South Korea. A cheap pen bought at Daiso 다이소 that writes surprisingly well.
  • For work, I’m also back to taking notes on paper. I used to have a pen and paper back at the office. I would go to meetings with that instead of the computer, helps me be more present. Now even if I work from home I’m trying that again, writing helps retain more information than typing it in a digital note. It’s easier to go back, etc. I’ve tried so many ways to take digital notes (kanban boards, GitHub issues, static markdown files…). Nothing seems to be great. So far the paper is working.

What do you use for note taking? (personal and/or work)



  1. Helena says:

    Nothing compares to paper

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