Week 21 (2019)

Traditional korean houses looking down Seoul city

🛬 Monday

I am back from South Korea and I haven’t seen yet the Game of Thrones series finales. Everyone at work wants to talk about it but they’re kind enough to wait for me to find the time.

The first night after I arrived I was terribly tired. After more than 24 hours since I woke up in South Korea to start preparing for my trip. A trip that included car ride to the bus station, almost 3-hour bus ride to the airport, waiting at the airport, 11-hour flight to Paris, waiting in Paris, the almost 2-hour flight to Barcelona and the car ride home. The first night I slept like a baby.

Problem is when you fly to the west you’re super tired or sleepy at night, for the obvious time difference. In the mornings, however, since it would be afternoon time in South Korea I could wake up easily.

👨🏻‍💻 Work

At work, taking it easy and catching up. Everyone is kind and want to know how my trip went about. Not happy to be back, I won’t lie, but it’s alright. Work’s good.

🥋 Back to my dojang

It has been great to be back to see and train with my students. I have so many things to improve on me and on my students after training with Korean Grand Masters.

No time to rest though. Flying to Galicia, across Spain, in the weekend on Friday. My first three students are taking their black belt grading. Super excited!

I hope you had a great week 🙂



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