Weeknote 22 (2022)

🏒 Visiting the office

On Wednesday I visited the office with a teammate. I think I’ve already talked to you about how comfortable my home setup has been for the past two years. I’m productive and get shit done.

Am I productive at the office? Yes and no. If I’m alone I’m not. It’s less comfortable, I use 2 screens instead of 3, I don’t have an external keyboard and need to spend 1-hour commute (total).
Sure, some things can be improved but being alone is pointless. Now, the other day, we were productive as we could work together on some issues, on the same computer, you know… like looking at the same thing, rather than doing it via screen-sharing call. It’s nice 😌

I’ve asked my other teammates, see if they would like to go once a week. To do exactly that, collaborate, see each other and have lunch together. Having cool A/C, free food, and coffee it’s not a bad deal! β˜•οΈ

πŸš€ Obi-Wan Kenobi

Oh boy, a new Disney Star Wars spin-off. This time the backstory of General Kenobi. Ok, maybe not backstory but the gaps in the movies. 10 years after Obi-Wan takes Anakin’s children and hides them from the Empire.

What can I say… it’s Star Wars, it’s well done. Feels like a movie. We haven’t seen any lightsaber fighting but it’s coming, eventually.

They have hired the old cast, of course, the main character for Ewan Mcgregor but others, which is a very nice touch. I appreciate that.

Have you watched it? Will you?

✈️ Time to fly

This afternoon I’m flying to Galicia. Taking a plane for the first time in two years! I almost forgot how these things work, how early do I have to be at the airport for a domestic flight, what can I bring on my carry-on bag, what documentation is needed with COVID, do I need a mask on the plane, do I need a covid-free test, do I need vaccination proof?

Of course, I now have the answer to all these questions after spending time on the airlines’ website. Looking forward, it’s going to be a quick trip, a little over 24 hours and back.

Have you flown yet since the pandemic started?



  1. Helena says:

    The burguer looks tastyπŸ˜…πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

    1. It was! 🀀

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