Weeknote 22 (2023)

This past weekend I spent in Galicia, that corner of the country, the north-western part of Spain 🇪🇸

I went there with two of my students for a national seminar given by my master. Was great to see old friends from other regions of Spain as well as enjoy this trip with my students ✈️

You know me, if I travel is mostly for the food. This time, even if the main goal wasn’t, we did our best to enjoy it. It’s not hard to find good and cheap food when you’re in Galicia 😉

At first sight, while looking at the menu you’re like, oh this looks expensive, or about the same price we have in Barcelona. However, when the plate arrives, you realize you might’ve made a mistake. You ordered a stake and the whole cow was delivered. Great quality and big portions, these people know how to eat! 💯

We visited Santiago de Compostela, famously known for its church. Equally impressive from the outside and the inside, even if you’re (like me) not a religious person ⛪️


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