Weeknote 23 (2023)

Quite an uneventful week, trying to cruise through the month of June without thinking too much about our impending hot summer. Even my cat (pictured above) is feeling the heat. Barcelona’s temperatures are rising and it won’t be long until I need to sleep with the windows open 🥵

📺 TV show recommendation

I’ve watched one and a half episodes of The Recruit, a Netflix show from 2022 about a lawyer who joins the CIA (as a lawyer, not as a spook) and sees himself in the middle of a shitstorm from day one. I like it so far, with unknown actors but it has some action and looks good.
I have no idea how realistic the show is on how “the company” works but it’s quite plausible 👌

🤤 Food

It’s always a good week when you can squeeze some tasty food somewhere in between 😉
I had a tasty pie on the weekend (yes, I know, not thin Italian style pizza. I don’t fancy those, I’m more NYC style if you will).
We also went out to our favorite Korean restaurant and had their delicious fried chicken with soy sauce and honey (out of this world! 💯)

What’s on the menu for this weekend? We shall see… 😏


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