Weeknote 24 (2023)

😮 Cheap manga? don’t mind if I do

This week I bought the first volume of Naruto, the famous manga/anime for 1,85€. Yes, you read that right, the price of a coffee. Not second-hand but brand new 😱

How is it possible? I don’t understand either 🤷‍♂️ You see, in Spain, the prices of books are country-wide regulated. Yes, we love communism around here… It seems they want to protect the small bookstores from the big giants, preventing them from slashing prices. If you go on Amazon you’ll get the same price as you’ll get in a small neighborhood store 😉

If that is good or bad, I’ll let you decide. What I’m definitely in favor of is selling the first volume of a series practically free so people can start reading it, get hooked, and continue buying the following volumes. It’s the first time I see this and granted it’s not a new (recently released) series, but it’s a great tactic. The rest of the volumes, as expected, are between 7€ and 8€.

🤤 This week’s extra love

Had the best Venezuelan empanadas in Barcelona this week. These are fantastic, I love the “carne mechada“, which is like (please don’t quote me on this) pulled beef. It’s 3.5€ a piece, great price, great fatness 🐷

We also had homemade BBQ, the ribs (not pictured), were especially good and finally after several tries the bone was falling off the meat. Indicating the perfect cooking point 👌

Ok ok, one more? 😁 Pulled pork burger, nothing to die for but above average and different.

See you next week!


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