Weeknote 26 (2022)

a hamburger on a plate

🍔 Acero burger ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

With colleagues from work we organized a quick a dirty outing to a local burger joint. I’ve added a photo for proof.

What’s the thing you most enjoyed eating this week?

😴 Working at 6 AM

This week I had to be online at 6 AM, just for one day because of a production release at work. Contrary to my usual time, at 8 AM (from home). 

I gotta say it wasn’t too bad! From six to eight, I had nobody call or drag me into meetings. I was there to support if needed and hopefully, I wasn’t needed. 

Then I could check out at 2 PM and be done for the day. Eat without rush, have a small siesta (although it’s too dam hot around here to sleep comfortably) and then had all the evening for me.

What time do you usually start working?

😼 The chair king

I have a chair in my bedroom, you know the chair we all have to drop our clothes or pillows. Well, a few weeks ago I put my pillows away making the chair fully available.

Haku has discovered the texture, the smell, or whatever it is that he loves and now can’t leave it alone. Spends hours sleeping and destroying its fabric. I’m happy if he’s happy, he’s found heaven.

Check out this picture of him on the throne.

🤠 Westworld is back for a 4th season

I understood close to nothing. I was a big fan of the first and second seasons. Everything went weird on the 3rd one and it seems we’re on the same path for the 4th season.

I watched for an hour and had a hard time following what was going on. Intended or not I did not enjoy it too much. I had to watch a recap on YouTube to understand the episode. The timeline, the bits I missed, easter eggs, similitudes to previous seasons… Too many subtle things going on.

Are you watching it, or plan to?


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