Weeknote 26 (2023)

This week I was invited to the fanciest dinner I’ve had in years 💰 I don’t know about you but I simply don’t enjoy high-end cuisine 🤷‍♂️ First, it hurts to pay triple the price for one-third of the food I’d get somewhere else. But secondly and most importantly, even if I’m not paying my tongue does not appreciate it 😅

I’m just so simple when it comes to eating 🤭 🍔 Sure, for certain things time has given me perspective and appreciation like ramen 🍜 An average ramen noodle bowl doesn’t cut it for me anymore after so many trips to Japan in South Korea 😏 So I’m a ramen snob now 👨‍🍳 Still, this is considered fast food and it’s dirt cheap in Japan 🇯🇵

When (which is not very often) my company invites me, meaning I don’t have to pay for it, to a fancy dinner I’m always thinking: man, if only they would bring out some smash burgers now 😂

How about you?
Do you prefer simpler food or do you indulge yourself in high-end restaurants from time to time?

(above, as a featured photo in this post a dirty spicy chicken burger I dove into during the weekend. 10€ and delicious 🤤)



  1. Helena says:

    It seems very tasty !

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