Weeknote 27 (2023)

I had this smash burger the other day, I love smash burgers it’s a great invention. This one was a little bit strange, they did not use the classic butter bun… The middle section became a little soggy too fast, so that wasn’t great. If only they had changed the bun it would’ve been so much better 👌

🎬 🐴 🤠

This week I went to a cinema after a very long time, maybe years. A friend asked me if I wanted to watch the new Indiana Jones movie.
I had seen the previous one, which was horrible, but the reviews for this latest installment were good… so we went 👀

I was very surprised 😮 it’s not amazing like the first three (which I can re-watch no problem) but still entertaining. It’s very cool how they used Harrison Ford’s old footage to de-age him in the first part of the movie 💯 If you didn’t know this man is 80 years old, you wouldn’t be able to tell. It’s very well done 👏

Do you need to watch it in a theater? Not really, if you have a 4K TV at home you’re probably good to go. The theater was a little bit hot, you had people making noises, eating popcorn, and even a small child was somewhat whining for a moment…


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