Weeknote 3 (2023)

The week started very well ðŸ’Ŋ There’s a Chinese place nearby that sells Korean-style chicken 🇰🇷 For 9.5₮ you get 6 boneless pieces of spicy and sweet chicken, some small rice cakes, and pickled radish. Doesn’t seem like much but the pieces are big enough for one person to have lunch 😌

This week I had another ramen. I told you I have a problem ðŸĪŠ It’s just so good during winter, it can’t be helped. Look at the thick pork belly slice ðŸĪĪ

📚 The Last Of Us

This new show from HBO comes from the video game with the same title. I have not played the video game and it seems it deviates a little bit from it, according to the hardcore fans.

Regardless, it is very well done. They’ve released the first episode and the first half truly felt like a video game. They’ve burned serious money on this show. I hope they can keep the same quality throughout the season.

Ah, and it stars Pedro Pascal from The Mandalorian. Nice 😎


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