Weeknote 31 (2020)

Man sleeping in a hammock with a book on his face

🏖 Vacations, here we go.

Finally. After having to cancel my South Korean plans back in April (of which I’m still emotionally recovering) today, end of business, I’ll start my deserved three-week vacation.

No flying, not traveling afar. COVID-19 has other plans for us this year. Spain’s situation is not yet under control and Barcelona has seen an increase in cases. I’ll leave the city but stay close by, close to a pool that is. Barcelona is just too hot to handle during August! 🥵

I’m fortunate enough to leave a deputy at work who’ll take care of anything that might come up, allowing me to unplug 100%. Yes, I’ll have a computer, I’m not a neanderthal, but that will be my personal device, not my work laptop. I won’t be checking Slack or my work email, nothing, nada. For them, I’ll be as good as dead ☠️ Not only because I need it but also because it’s a chance for my deputy to rise to the occasion.

📺 Shows

I’m rewatching Suits, I love this show. I’ll keep on watching and see if there’s anything else good out there. If not, I might go back to some classics.

Are you watching anything interesting?

📚 Books

Yes, I want to catch up on some reading. You would’ve not heard me say this a couple of years ago 😎 I’m bringing my Kindle as well as my Audible library 🎧 Currently reading Zero Hour (Expeditionary Force, #5) by Craig Alanson and I’d like to start The Last Human by Zack Jordan (which was listed for 0,99€ on Amazon for Kindle 🤯 ).

Any space opera recommendation?

That’s it for today. I’ll talk to you soon 👋

P.S. Here’s the full list of books I’ve read, want to read, and I’m currently reading.



  1. Helena says:

    A lot of books, man. Well done. Reading has priceless.

    1. Not that many, but thanks!

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