Weeknote 33 (2023)

I’ve been half enjoying some vacation days and summer condensed work hours. For some strange agreement, my office allows us to do 36 hours weekly, rather than 40 😏 Not only that but the four days you do 7 hours, they can be done in one go. These days I do eight to three, quite nice 😌 I wouldn’t mind having this all year long. Checking out at three in the afternoon and being done for the day. Where do I sign?

📚 Public libraries have manga too 😲

This year I have started collecting manga. It makes a big difference reading it digitally or in paper form. Since it’s quite expensive (between 7€ and 9€ for each volume) you have to be picky and choose with care what series will you collect 🤔 💰

The number of volumes is usually an important factor. Is it a finished manga? Ongoing? Have I watched the anime? I don’t want to buy just “try it out” 💸

So far the ones I have been collecting are those where the anime has been truly fantastic (Haikyu, Blue Lock, Naruto, My Hero Academia…) 💯 Adding new series to the collection takes consideration. Usually reading a volume online doesn’t give me the same feeling. So I went to the local library and found there had quite some variety 💜

This is a fantastic way of trying out a series to see if it’s something I want to commit to buying or not. For instance, Ao Ashi and Tokyo Revengers have been wonderful surprises. I was not expecting them to be this interesting 👌

🌞 I hope your summer is going well, mine is but I can’t wait for autumn to get here though 🍂 🥶


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