Weeknote 36 (2023)

Alright! Second week of September and things are already in full gear. Here are some things going on

🛸 Ahsoka

The new Star Wars universe spin-off about this Jedi. I gotta say, it’s not amazing. The episodes are shorter than one would hope for and the cast isn’t great.

I remember back in the old days when the Jedi enemies, the Sith, were truly menacing. Now, they are simply not 🤷‍♂️ Did we get used to this? Maybe, I don’t know. What I do know they set the bar very high with The Mandalorian and it’s hard for Disney to deliver the same quality.

What’s your take?

 🥋 Back to school

I have been working for most of the month of August so the back-to-school mentality only applies to me in the sense I’m going back to teaching my classes. It’s great to see my students again, everybody is pumped to pick up the sword again and train. I look forward to seeing how long this energy lasts. Usually after a few weeks, the classes get a little less busy as people tend to skip some classes here and there.

Whenever I see a friend or colleague struggling to go back to work after the vacation period I can’t help to grin at the thought I have been working during your vacation period… 😁

🇺🇸 USA trip

Indeed I have been working during my vacation period to save the days for this upcoming trip at the end of the month 🤩 A friend and I are crossing the Atlantic Ocean to visit Boston and New York City. Main goal is to catch a Red Sox game, I’ve never been to one in person since I’ve been following this baseball team. I know it’s the end of the baseball season but still, I have high expectations 🏟️ 🧢 ⚾️

But because we did not want to spend 10 days in Boston we’re taking a train south to Manhattan and spend some days there. I look forward to getting lost with my camera in the Big Apple, those streets and moods, such a joy for street photography! 📸

We’re still a few weeks away but I’ll be sure to post my best shots on my travel blog once I’m back, be sure to stop by 😉



  1. Helena says:

    Que tinguis un bon viatge

    1. 🙏 Gràcies!

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