Weeknote 4 (2023)

🗺 Google Maps reviews

I’ve been, for years, leaving Google Maps reviews of the places I visit. Not so much for others but for me. I’ve found myself finding places I had forgotten about just to find my review saying “must repeat or must avoid”.

Lately, I’ve been getting to most of my review replies from restaurants. Either thanking me for the nice review or defending their honor when the review’s not so good.

I think I’m always polite and provide details of things I didn’t like and that could be improved. However, it pissed me off when they try to defend themselves by saying “we haven’t changed a thing and we’ve been doing it like this since the beginning” 😡

Case in point I left a review 7 years ago in a great burger joint near my place. This week I went there after a few months and they completely changed the servings. The menu is the same but the burger I got was a far cry from the original I’ve eaten a few months back. The fries also changed from what felt hand-cut and unique to machine-cut frozen boring fries 😢

So I edited the review moving it from a 5 to 2 (out of 5) and it seems I offended their honor. Rather than taking the feedback and admitting something was off, or even giving me the benefit of the doubt. It’s a shame, really. I loved the place and now I’m not coming back ❌

Unrelated cocktail image. Sadly not a great cocktail either!

🍔 A new burger joint!

Talking about burgers, here’s a new place I’ve tried. Delicious smashed double cheeseburger with bacon (11.5€ without fries). Very tasty, great overall, will repeat! 🤩

I hope you had a great week 💜



  1. Helena says:

    What a pitty !!!

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