Weeknote 40 (2021)

diablo 2 resurrected artwork

Yeah, not really a weeknote if I skip like 7 weeks between posts. Shame all over.

I have excuses (you tell me if they’re valid or not). First, right after the last post, I went back to work. Back to my eight to five job after 4 weeks of vacation. Not easy. Can’t complain but not easy. I slacked off on the blog…

Then the immediate release of the Diablo 2 Resurrected game a few weeks back 😈 Diablo 2 is a game launched back in 2000, it is my number one game of all time.
I remember going to the “cybercafe”, you know these places where you pay and they let you play games on a computer They had slower and faster machines, which had different pricing. All machines had lots of games (Diablo 2 or Counter-Strike, to name my favorites). These businesses were booming back then but they quickly faded away as soon as everybody started getting better setups at home (hardware, broadband connection, fiber speeds…). I know in countries like South Korea, these rooms are even nowadays super popular (called “PC room”). They’re a better and upgraded version of our cybercafes. They offer way more services than ours did in Barcelona back then. Look at the chairs, the food… We had plastic not very comfortable chairs and perhaps a vending machine.

Those times were great and the game brings back so much nostalgia. Now that game has been remastered, which of course I pre-ordered (that’s to show you how anxious I was!). I’ve always been a very casual gamer, especially since I started owning a MacBook a while back.

Now, with this game, I found the joy of gaming again. It’s fantastic. I play it with my brother and some of my students. It’s a great game with now HD graphics. Not sure how long I’ll play it but I’ll enjoy the ride.

So yeah, these are my plans. On top of working, playing with the band, training, teaching my classes, and bothering my cat… in my spare time I try to catch on some time with Diablo 2.

Such a great game… ❤️


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